- WHY should I buy frozen seafood rather than buying fresh seafood?
Frozen seafood is freeze when it still fresh while the Fresh (ice-cooled) seafood are fresh when the time they are being keep in ice-cool, do you think it still fresh in un-freeze condition when it reach you after several days? Believe it or not, usually more than half of the sushi you eat at your favorite restaurant is previously been frozen.

- Do  you know that you are consuming frozen seafood every day?
Usually, you consume so called  "fresh" seafood from your favorite fishmonger right away or keep it in your freezer for later consumption? Do you aware that you are actually consuming frozen seafood daily?

- Frozen Seafood technology

We use the blast freezing technology which can freeze the seafood products in just 2-3 hours and keep them in the freezer with temperature of  -40°C, our frozen seafood can "lock fresh" better.

- WHY should I trust quality from Borneo Frozen And Dried Seafood?
Our seafood products is been served to 70% of Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia. It means we must have a very high quality standard to be able to supply them.


-Why BONEO FROZEN AND DRIED SEAFOOD selling its products in a very cheap price compare to others?

We have our own fleet of vessels to capture various kind of fish, prawns, lobster, sea cucumber etc. so we dont rely on supplier to supply us seafood. Hence we can sell our seafood product in a wholesale price to you.


- Do you also sell FRESH or CHILLED seafood.?

YES, we also can supply fresh or chilled seafood.

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